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Taking Care of Your Garden Equipment
by Cheryl Fritsch-Middleton on June 26th, 2016

​One often overlooked aspect of a clean garden is taking care or your tools.  I had a friend who had put so much time and effort into an organic garden but after her time in the garden she was using bleach, a name brand disinfectant, and motor oil to care for her tools.  YUCK.  What good is it to care for your plants and soil with only organic items then care for your tools with chemicals? 
I have a few things I do to care for my tools that seem to be working very well and no chemicals!
  1. ​I use a good steady spray from the hose to get the debris off my tools.
  2. If there is something really sticking or some rust use some elbow grease and steel wool or a steel brush.
  3. For sticky residue try a mixture of 20 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 oz of coconut or olive oil.  (some people use canola oil but I won’t put that in my body so I am not putting it in the garden).  Apply with a rag, give it a good rub, and rinse as needed
  4. Oil down your tools.  Admittedly I only do this at the end of the season which is twice a year here in FL. Any high quality oil you are willing to cook with will do.  Just pour a little on a rag and rub down the metal parts of the tools.  I have also heard of people using a 5 gallon bucket with a mixture of sand and cooking oil and placing the tool heads down in the sand.  
​With proper care your tools will last a life time of gardening. 
When using essential oils it is important to be sure you are using oils that have been quality tested and are safe.  If you are interested in the essential oils I use please contact me.
​​Cheryl Fritsch-Middleton is an Essential Oil Evangelist and President of Be OilRight, LLC. Her mission is to educate people on using natural solutions to improve their home and health so they can be prepared for life’s little emergencies. Cheryl can be reached via phone at 850-296-7976, by email at or at her website:

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