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Oil Cleansing
by Cheryl Fritsch-Middleton on January 12th, 2015

​Well it finally happened I did something trendy.  I had no idea it was when I got started but oil cleansing is what the “in people” do.  The oil cleansing method or OCM is essentially nothing more than using an oil to clean your face in place of a soap or other cleanser.  According to the website it is one of the most popular searches inside their site. 
So about a year ago I started using coconut oil as my nighttime cleanser. I pretty much discovered it by accident - I knew that I loved the way my skin felt after I used coconut oil on it so I tried using it for washing my face at night.  It was amazing – it washed away dirt and make up and left my skin moisturized.  If that was not enough because I use coconut oil for so many things I am never out of it.   Bonus!  And even better it is simple one step.
I still use my favorite facial system every morning.   But I cannot climb into bed and go to sleep now, no matter how tired I am, until I have cleaned my face with coconut oil.  There is something about the clean that is very soothing to me.  I have never been one to wash my face before bed or really to do any skincare routine before bed – I have tried so many times. This is the one for me – quick and easy.
So what do I do?  Let me tell you:
  1. I turn on the hot water as hot as it will go.  We have a tankless water heater so I have some time to burn while that is heating up.  
  2. I get my clean washcloth – I bought a pack of 10 100% organic cotton washcloths at Target for about $15 a while back.
  3. I get about a teaspoon of coconut oil out and start rubbing between my hands to liquefy it (you can use fractionated coconut oil and skip this step) and add a little hot water to make it smooth.
  4. I massage the coconut oil into my face paying attention to my problem areas.  I take it down my neck and go over my eyes and eyelids to get the eyeliner off.  This even takes off those fiber lashes people are wearing. 
  5. Once I have massaged into my face I grab my washcloth and run it under the hot water.  I wring it out and lay it on my face.  I usually leave it there for 10-15 seconds, longer on a day when I am stressed out. 
  6. Then take it and wipe my face off really well.  Many times I will rinse out the washcloth, wring it back out, and wipe my face off again.
​Since I am not one to leave well enough alone, I decided to try something new.  Now twice a week I add Myrrh Essential Oil to the coconut oil when I wash my face.  I figure if it was good enough for Queen Esther I at least need to give it a try.  Since I started doing that a few months ago people have commented on how “fresh” my face looks.  You have to love when someone tells you that your 40+ year old skin looks fresh. 
As you add essential oils like Myrrh remember not all essential oils have the same level of quality, in fact many are synthetic or have large amounts of carrier oil in them.  If you are interested in learning more about the oils I chose just contact me and I will be glad to share.  I can be reached via email at, by phone at 850-296-7976, or by entering a message via the contact box.

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